Q: Shaming: Treats 30-year-old sister like a baby.




"Given yer ten years younger than me, yeah. Or is the babyin’ suppose ta fall on Danny?”

"Wait. You really don’t remember? That time Dad trusted you with me a whole day in July? I got an awful sunburn and you dunked me in a bucket of raw cow milk because you heard it made sunburn better. Or when you dressed like a ghost in the haunted house and covered us in ketchup and scared almost all the kids?" Her face fell. She remembered a lot more during her time in Heaven, and hoped to bond with Johnny over their childhood.

As Barb tells him of childhood memories, he can’t help but feel a little left out. They feel foreign and no matter how much he tried to recall past shenanigans, he couldn’t. 

"No, I don’t remember much from back then, just….Crash ‘n Mona." He grimaces and runs a hand through hair. "Think dad’s death was the last straw, got too painful ta deal so guess my pint-sized kid noggin repressed." All the good and the bad memories of siblings, a mother, and even a father’s blame all tucked away in the back of his mind where cobwebs would collect.

"After that, I just got fed some bullshit ‘bout Naomi so everythin’ was a slightly more bearable."

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